Jesús de Jiménez

I don´t know for sure that I have been influenced by being born into a family where my grandfather used his guitar as others use soothers to placate restless infants. He would tease lulling chords and rhythms which kept me spellbound with his flashes of ” Lele de Osuna “, which is how he was known in the world of flamenco. I was soon to catch his passion for the guitar; its sound, its forms and so much more intrigued me, above all its construction.

How could it be that those melodies, that made the hairs on my neck and arms stand on end, came simply from some pieces of wood glued together as if it were a simple puzzle? Thinking of this would keep me awake at night for as long as I can remember. This time there was no soother or nanny to help me, I had to find out what it was like. I had to feel with my own hands how the sound is created , how it is teased and drawn from the wood.

Today, after almost four decades , I still delight in listening to my grandfather with my guitars in his hands, still carefully playing those old falsetas that remind me how I became a “Guitarreo” .

David Heaton

“The latest Guitarrero from the province of Seville”

“The new generation of flamenco guitars”

“Of the guitarreros profession”